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WISH are Daniel Webster, Elliott Brown, Lance Bruce & Garfield Jones, four very unique, talented and gifted gentlemen. All from Wilmington, Delaware the chemical capital of America, home of the DuPont family. It all started during the Motown era. They were all in Jr. High School singing in various local vocal groups, The Majestics, Durations & The Overtones. Over the years some would have minor recording success and others would just throw in the towel and call it quits, and still some in self imposed exile from the music business for various resons. But fate would have it that now today, these four from rival vocal groups would re-group and come together once again to share their GOD given talents & voices with the world. For they have truly been blessed and given a second chance to do what they love most and that is to sing!
Unfortunately as of September 2008, fate would have it once again that the group would suffer yet another temporary set back. Lance Bruce would have to leave the group for personal reasons. The remaining members kept the faith and continued to percevier and perfect their craft. Then they were blessed once again, in steps James Green of Chester Pennsylvania a very multi-talented individual that is a perfect fit to usher in another era of a super group! All of the pieces are in perfect order .... to be continued.
Over the years WISH have appeared with The Temptations, Four Tops, Supremes, Manhattans, Chuck Jackson, Willie Tyler & Lester, Stacy Lattisaw, Johnny Gill, Mask Man & the Agents, The Sweet Inspirations and Al Cato (former bassist for Sarah Vaughan) to name a few. Also WISH have performed at The Apollo Theater, New York, Symphony Hall, Newark NJ, as well as t.v. shows The Joe Franklin Show, New York, Dancin' On Air, Philadelphia PA and many local programs.
Currently the group has become a very powerful trio! Danny Webster left the organization in 2009 to go back to school and happen to be working on a book. We are also hard at work, working on our most recent studio project of new and fresh recordings. We are very excited about this new offering to you and our many fans and followers! Looking forward to seeing you all very soon. Until then, we wish you Love, Peace & Classic Soul!!!
Elliott, James & Garfield ( WISH )

Former members:

Trudy Jones Coleman
Berman Jones
Lance Bruce
Daniel Webster